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30 Google Chrome Extensions for SEO SEOquake, Flagfox Moz.
Create custom searches, highlight links and keywords, compare link metrics and so much more. SEOQuake - Another giant in the Chrome Extensions library, SEOquake has a huge amount of tools available. Not only can you see cool things like keyword difficulty, you can run a completeSEO audit by page! Meta SEO Inspector - Simple and effective tool allowing you to see meta data of any page, as well as canonical details and info on header tags. uDomainFlag - This is effectivley a Flagfox equivalent for Chrome. From location of the webserver to IP address, hostname of the server and more. Thank goodness for a Flagfox alternative! Open SEO Stats -a simple and lightweight extension showing key stats by page. Always handy to check the old faithful metrics, including Page Rank, Alexa rank and more. SEO Serp -Check the ranking of numerous sites quickly with this simple rank checking extension. Simply type a keyword and get results! Majestic Backlink Analyzer - One of the most trusted and powerful backlink software available, this is an awesome extension for backlink analysis.
53 Free SEO Chrome Extensions for Your Toolbar.
SEO Meta in 1 Click. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. SEO Search Stimulator. Link Redirect Trace. Majestic Backlink Analyser. Check My Links. Page Load Time. Portents SEO Page Review. Spark Content Optimizer. Robots Exclusion Checker. Mangools SEO Extension. Ninja Outreach Lite. Google Analytics URL Builder. Streak CRM for Gmail. SEO Pro Extension. As an SEO, do you want to get things done at a faster pace while not missing out on small but important details? You should be a fan of smart work and you will love these incredibly useful Google chrome extensions that can save you time and money. Google Chrome Extensions are tools you install into Chrome in order to upgrade the browsers functionality. These extensions allow you to access a wide range of features which, in turn, simplifies your work online and crafts it to perfection. There are tons of Free Google Chrome Extensions in the web store. So, you might easily get carried away and lose track of time if you do not narrow down your requirements in advance. So, let me list out the top 53 Chrome Extensions that come in handy for SEOs and tell you how each one of them can help.
SEO Plugin for Chrome: 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO.
Serpstat Website SEO Checker allows you to find the key metrics of any site or page in just a few clicks. It provides you with an extensive list of SEO metrics, analysis, and tips. To examine a domain/page, you dont need to open a new tab. Click on the icon and youll get an SEO audit of domain or page: visibility, traffic, number of keywords, top competitors in the region, etc. Three sections are now available.: On-page SEO parameters - Free Lifetime. Page analysis - Freemium. Domain analysis - Freemium. Some features work without API requests to Serpstat servers so they are available without signing up, right after installation of the extension. Keyword search volume for 15 websites like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Majestic, YouTube, Amazon more.
Best SEO Extensions For Chrome - Free Tools For Website Optimization - Fat Frog Media.
By the way, I use Microsofts Edge browser instead of the Google Chrome browser. Because Chrome is a huge resource hog and slows down my powerful Mac to a crawl. Edge, on the other hand, is faster, looks better, and works just as well. Its built on the Chromium open-source browser project. Table Of Contents. GSC: URL Performance Report Deeplink. Page Analytics by Google. Detailed SEO Extension. What's' My SERP. Moz SEO Toolbar. SEO Tool Extension: Meta SEO Checker by SEO Scout.
Google Adds SEO Audits To Their Lighthouse Chrome Extension.
Google said you" can now do a basic SEO Health-check in Chrome Canary DevTools or with the Lighthouse extension" Google said the SEO audit features are very basic, nor" does it make any SEO guarantees for Google websearch or other search engines."
18 Free SEO Browser Extensions that Actually Work.
Use for free or login to your SEMrush account to unlock its full potential. Either way, SEOQuake is capable of a wide range of tasks, making it one of the more popular SEO extensions. Easily get an idea of technical action items, internal and external links, compare URLs, etc. Here's' a handy guide to help you get an idea of its full potential. You're' looking at a blog post and want to quickly get an overview of the page diagnosis. Use the extension to get a basic overview with tips on how to improve. Personal note: I like to use it in my SERPS to quickly spot the organic rankings for all of my searches. What it does. Lighthouse is Google's' performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and Progressive Web App testing tool, which is available in both the DevTools audits panel and as a chrome extension. Check on a page-by-page basis for everything from unused Javascript to missing ALT tags.
16 Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome to Boost Website Rankings Databox Blog.
Ayima Redirect Path Extension. Automatic Backlink Checker. Link Redirect Trace. Ahrefs Google Chrome extension. Nightwatchs SEO Search Simulator. Mangools SEO extension. Bonus: SEO extensions for better content. Editors note: Get a complete picture of your SEO performance with this SEO Overview Dashboard Template that shows your organic sessions, clicks, CTR, position, impressions, and more on one dashboard. SEO Quake by SEMrush. SEO Quake is a popular choice among our contributors for optimizing on-page SEO. Quick refresh: on-page SEO involves taking measures on your site to optimize it for better ranking. For instance, adding the right keywords, writing meta descriptions, and so on.
Checkbot: SEO, web speed security checker for Chrome.
I love this tool, as someone whos relatively new to SEO I need all the help I can get. This tool is absolutely amazing for showing you what you need to improve. Victor Contreras, 5 out of 5. See more of the 700 positive reviews Checkbot has received. For Windows, Mac, Chrome OS Linux. Checkbot is a Google Chrome extension that runs on all major desktop platforms. Install Checkbot in a couple of clicks and start optimizing your website now. Test your website for free now. Checkbot gives you everything you need to track down, understand and fix website issues. Track down problems with ease. Use convenient shortcuts to list incoming links to a page, view page source code, show response headers and examine redirect chains. Quick easy to install. Add Checkbot to Chrome in seconds with a couple of clicks. Use Checkbot anywhere you run Chrome alongside your favourite Chrome web development tools. Explore your site.
Users Choice: The Best SEO Toolbars for Chrome - Granwehr.
Many of the bad reviews are a few years old when you needed a paid account to use the tool, so theyre less about its usefulness and more about its accessibility. Download SEO Analysis Website Review by WooRank. 4 stars 30,000, users. Quick SEO by Rank Signals is a lightweight Chrome plugin that, as the name suggests, gives you quick information about simple statistics like PageRank for your homepage and backlink data. Though it doesnt go as in-depth as some of the other toolbars on this list, its still useful if you want a fast SEO overview of a website or web page. Reviewers are happy with the plugin for the most part, though some of the negative reviews may be due to the plugins limited functionality. RankSignals is used by some large brands, like Expedia and Marriott, and focuses mostly on backlink building strategies. Download Quick SEO. 4.5 stars 50,000, users. WebRank SEO by WebRankStats, an award-winning SEO service, is a free, simple, lightweight SEO tool that lets you quickly analyze a website to see things like Alexa traffic rank, number of backlinks, and more.

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